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Real Estate Agents and Vacation Rental Property owners have come to rely on Timothy Fleming Photography and Video to Showcase their properties to clients.

Photos by Timothy Fleming Photography

Our photographs help SELL and RENT millions of dollars of real estate every year. Why do so many top producers continue to use us as their secret weapon? Because they enjoy the unfair advantage that using Timothy Fleming Photography gives them.

We are not your ordinary "real estate photographers".  Every property we shoot no matter the size or condition gets the FULL treatment.  We professionally light every home we shoot.  We do not shoot "HDR" style photos for real estate.  We have specialized in Real Estate Photography for almost 5 years and we continue to grow.  Serving all of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.  

We also offer Full Video packages that include Aerial video and Interior video.

Our photos are luxury, but our prices are not.  Contact us today for a full price sheet.






Small Spaces...

It takes the proper technique and equipment to showcase Real Estate.  No matter if we are photographing a 250 sq.ft. Condo or a 8,000 sq.ft. Single Family Home every one of the properties we shoot gets the same high-end treatment.


It's all in the details...

After years of specializing in Real Estate we have found the perfect way to showcase properties in a very natural inviting way.  We do not use "HDR" in our work.  Every shot we take is professionally lit to bring out the beauty in your property.  No unnatural, fake or overly exposed photos to turn off potential clients.  Each picture we take is meant to draw the viewer in to tell the story of the space to make them want to picture themselves living in the space.

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Contact us when you are ready to have your property photographed.  We can normally book a property with 24-48 hours notice.  


Your property photos will be delivered within 48 hours after the day of your session.  If photos are needed sooner there is a rush option (additional fee),  

Photo License Info

Timothy Fleming Photography owns the Copyright to all photos delivered.  With your session comes a right to use for your personal advertising.  If you are a realtor booking for a sale or rental and the owner would like use of the photos to advertise, they must contact us to purchase license rights.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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